Do you feel a bit stiff in the morning or after a day at your desk? That’s almost certainly your fascia complaining…

Make sure you’re well hydrated and spend a few minutes stretching everything out; the stiffness will vanish and you’ll start to feel better.

The trouble is, the fuzzed-up feeling often returns. People often say that this is an inevitable part of ageing; anyone who’s ever been in a yoga class will know ‘that woman in her 70s who can do the splits’.

Stiffness isn’t inevitable: stretch every day and your fascia will thank you later! Static (held) stretches also feel good, can increase the range of motion in a joint and reduce the effect of delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS), too. If you’re hydrated and move gently, you can stretch well and bask in the glow of smug self-congratulation.

Why wouldn’t you?