A friend recently asked for words/phrases to describe living through the Covid-19 pandemic. Suggestions ranged from the ubiquitous ‘unprecedented times’, to those directly targeted (unfavourably) at the UK Government, to some which were terribly British: ‘predicament’, ‘uncharted territory’, and the delightfully vague, ‘The Event’ (a reference to this Mitchell and Webb sketch).

However you want to describe it and however it’s making you feel, it’s worth remembering that nothing in life is truly predictable: loss, disappointment and nasty surprises are as inevitable as excitement, joy and lovely surprises.

At the moment, it can feel like there’s nothing to look forward to and that everything you felt ‘sure’ was in your future has now gone and is going, whether it’s running races, a holiday or a wedding.

Dwelling on what might have been isn’t and never will be useful because, frankly, you just don’t know. (Did you watch Devs?!)

As my darling dad says, “If things had been different, they wouldn’t have been the same.”

[If your low mood or negative feelings are stopping you from doing day-to-day tasks, please seek professional support: your GP, Samaritans and Mind are there, amongst others, to help.]