Lots of people ask me about nutrition and what they should or shouldn’t eat for running. I leave specific advice to the professionals, but I do have a few running-related tips.

1.       Running long distances requires good quality energy to be available to your body. This can be acquired by eating a balanced diet which has fresh fruit and vegetables as its basis. Did you know that some experts advise aiming for ten portions of fruit and veg a day?

2.      Once you’ve finished a run or a hard training session, your body needs protein to rebuild the broken muscle fibres and carbohydrate to restock your energy reserves.  You should aim to eat/drink something within 30 minutes of completing your session. Experts tell me that a chocolate milk-shake is the best recovery food; I usually opt for scrambled eggs.

3.      Food is fuel! If you’re aiming to lose weight and run long distances, think about the types of food you’re eating as well as the quantity. A half marathon can burn between 1000 and 2000 calories; you will need to eat the correct types of foods so that your body has the energy it needs train and repair well.

If you’d like some advice about making some swaps in your diet, please get in touch (I always recommend you talk with your GP before you do anything drastic).