*** UPDATE 13th October 2020 ***

I have been asked by a few people about resuming group outruns.

Tilehurst Run Together operates under England Athletics and their guidance for a ‘restricted return to activity’ is incredibly detailed. Amongst many other items, it specifically states that: “Training sessions should be adapted to minimise the risk to social distancing with other members of the public.”

While I entirely trust Tilehurst Runs Together runners to act responsibly, I don’t feel that leading a group outrun is appropriate while COVID-19 is prevalent and on the rise. The risks aren’t particularly to TRT runners themselves, but to the general public and the image of our sport. Our current sessions mitigate all of those risks and I can sleep easily!


Daytime outruns/sessions may become feasible if 5 athletes are ready to commit to the same day and time. Find some buddies and let me know!

Happy running,
Coach Katie

image shoes Coach Katie pulling a silly, happy face, while wearing a dark green woollen hat with the Tilehurst Runs Together logo in white; the logo shows the Tilehurst Water Tower and some clouds
Coach Katie is VERY easily pleased

*** ORIGINAL POST 18th September 2020 ***

2020 started off so well! We had around 40 athletes training with us regularly, from Run Strong to Run Well to our Sunday outruns. We were thriving!

What happened next was (mostly) unpredictable and I am so grateful for the ongoing support of such a wonderful group of people. Creating online ‘content’ was never part of my business plan and the Tilehurst Runs Together VIP group was a huge leap of faith. Thank you all so much for sticking with me, my dining room and my legendary IT skills (who knew a Computer Science degree could get so out of date?!).

We’ve been back training in person for a while now and it’s been great to be together. Watching you in three-dimensions, refining your technique and helping you to become better runners is what I set up TRT to do and it’s WONDERFUL!

Having said that, what comes next is an even bigger challenge than the instant shut-down in March: I want to keep everything that’s great about TRT (you and the friendships you have forged!), but I have to limit numbers for everyone’s safety.

I am a specialist running coach with some generic fitness qualifications. What I offer is running coaching, tailored to those who attend and adjusted depending on who’s there, what their running/movement form looks like and what they need to do next.

The VIP group will move to a monthly membership model: a simple roll-on/roll-off, month-by-month affair. I am suspending most of the block-booking options and the very popular ‘pick and mix’ cannot be restarted (yet). I know that this will disappoint many of you, but it’s just not viable when I can only host 5 runners at a time on Thursday evenings. That said, it does mean that you’ll get an even more personalised service, as you’ll be training in much smaller groups!

If that’s not what you want, that’s ok! There are plenty of other local general fitness providers and I will be very happy to advise/point you in the right direction.

If you’re ready to be a more confident, efficient and capable runner, I’ll see you in your running gear very soon!

Thank you,
Coach Katie

“I’m sure I work far harder being part of this group than if I was working alone.”

TRT Athlete