In the 15 years since I qualified as a teacher, people have often asked me what I teach. My stock response has been, “children.”

Anyone who works in primary education knows that you have to be proficient in pretty much all areas of the curriculum insofar as an 11-year-old would notice (trust me; they see through bluffing VERY quickly). From art and drama, to biology and PE, we teach it all in primary classrooms!

I’ve tried school leadership and it’s not for me. I’m doing some consultancy at the moment and, while I find it really interesting, it’s not the same as being at the chalk-face. I adore the nonsense of primary classrooms, which can have you explaining long division in one breath and why chopping an earthworm in half doesn’t give you two earthworms in the next…

In my fitness life though, I am definitely a specialist. Running is My Thing. I’ve general qualifications (and hope to gain another soon), but running is where I’m most comfortable. That’s not to say I’m an amazing runner, but I love the nerdy mechanics, the self-talk and psychology, and the glorious sense of achievement we get when crossing our own finishing lines.

Which is better? I’m not so sure; I just feel lucky to have them both!