This cycle represents a very basic outline of what’s required to improve athletic performance. Without the right training, recovery and nutrition, there’s no hope for any athletic improvement at any level. With those things in place however, everyone can be a performance athlete.

Necessarily, we also have to take into account the desire and capacity for improved performance for any athlete.

Recently I’ve been thinking about this as a model for life more generally.

The choices athletes make around their running training will shape how they perform and the same can be true of many areas of life. How often do we see our friends or colleagues say they want a new job, a better work-life balance or to be fitter yet they seem unable or unwilling to make the necessary changes? How often do we undo our own wants with the same inflexibility?

Consider the answers to these questions:
Do you know what you want ? (Do you know what you’re training for?)
What effort are you willing to commit to your goal? (How much do you want it?)
What are you doing that will help you get there? (Is your training working for you?)