I’m not really into memes, especially ‘health and fitness’ ones because they’re usually a bit glib. That said, this one does the rounds every now and then and it really pushes my good buttons:

I first started running because someone told me I wouldn’t be able to, but also because I was heading towards being diabetic: ‘clinically obese’ (according to the wildly old-fashioned BMI measure), with a large waist measurement, terrible diet and a rather inactive lifestyle.

So it was then, in order to regain control of my health (some, at least; there’s nothing I can do about the hereditary factors), I needed to move more, eat well and think myself important enough for such an effort.

I’ve very deliberately included that final element. Previously, I didn’t think that my physical health was worth it: exercising, training, working out, whatever you’d like to call it, wasn’t a good use of my time; there were a million-and-one things I considered more important than spending 30 minutes every day on my long-term health.

As a Coach, I try to make my sessions as inclusive as possible. “It’s always a choice!” is one of my top ten sayings and I genuinely mean it. For the vast majority of people in my geographical area, physical health is mostly down to lifestyle choices. And really, some of the limiting physical factors can be reduced by activity. I know because I’ve done it!

I’ve learnt that my body is the only one I’ve got and it’s worth looking after. How do you feel about yours?