This year hasn’t been much fun for anyone really.

If it wasn’t the devastating storms at the start of the year, it was the political turmoil of Brexit and then COVID came along.

Yep, 2020 has definitely not been entirely as advertised (I LOVED Tomorrow’s World!).

But it’s not too late to help the ending to be a little more positive.

I’m not a fan of one-size-fits-all anything and ‘live, love, life’ chalk-writing memes make me feel physically queasy. What I am a fan of though, is taking control. Not in a dictatorial sense, but in the sense that the only person who can really make me do anything is me; if I want things to be different, I have the power.

I’m not suggesting for a minute that anyone should shirk their responsibilities (real responsibilities, like caring for children), but I think that there’s an element of, ‘I need to do ALL of these things,’ in so many of us and, in reality, we don’t.

Ten Tasks is a series of actions which I have taken in the past which make me feel better. They won’t all be useful for you and some might make you feel down-right uncomfortable, but they’re actions which might just help you to see the wood for the trees and enter 2021 with a fresh sense of optimism, in control and being your wonderful, brilliant self.

Good luck!