The last few weeks have seen some particularly significant anniversaries in my life and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed revelling in them! I don’t believe that all comparisons are thieves of joy…

My memories serve as excellent reminders that I’m not who I once was: I have changed, grown and done better. The mistakes of the past are still there, sometimes steamrollering their way into my consciousness, embarrassing me all over again, but they’re important. Without them, I wouldn’t have known how to do better or what to do to be better.

These anniversaries also help me to steel myself when times are tough (and they do feel tough right now). I have been low before and survived. In fact, I have been far lower than I feel right now and yet here I am, alive and thriving (in fits and starts).

Finally, the comparisons let me reclaim the important parts of those memories. As time goes on, I’m forgetting the heartache and enjoying the happiness. There are memories to cherish, as well as those to let pass by.

Do I wish I’d known then what I know now? Never!

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