It’s been a calendar year since the UK government admitted that there was a need to close certain parts of society and over the past 12 months, we’ve all grieved.

We’ve grieved for loved ones who were killed by the virus or the effect it had on our health and care system. We’ve grieved for those we could not hold or see. We’ve lost social events, holidays and livelihoods, yet here we still are…

As a “relentless optimist”, it’s sometimes been hard to find the light at the end of the tunnel and looking back isn’t something I like to do, but right now, it feels important.

By looking back, I can see and remember all of the good things that have happened: the neighbour who posted a note through my sister’s door to make sure that her shopping was done; the cohort of young people who will be absolutely fine without having done any exams at the end of their compulsory schooling; the collective penny dropping that black and female lives matter (even if they’re still not quite as important as statues)…

What have been the positives for you in the last 12 months? You’re still here and that’s a huge one!

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