What is it that sabotages your plans? Covid restrictions? Cash? Barbed wire?

I know that I can sabotage myself, too. By thinking I can’t or catastrophising the future, I’m frozen into inaction.

Sometimes though, I don’t even realise it’s happening.

If I go into something feeling a bit wobbly, nervous or anxious, over-excited about the best or predicting the worst, I’m already starting off on the wrong foot. By assuming that things will be terrible, either by looking at the facts (rarely) or making some up of my own (often), I don’t appreciate what’s there and what’s good, falling instead into the tried and tested “I knew it would be horrendous”. Equally, if I’m over-stimulated and everything’s not completely perfect, I can end up devastated.

To give a trite example…

I love real ale. Proper cask, gravity delivered, fresh and bitter real ale. Delicious! About 15 years ago (possibly longer; I’ve no sense of time), the marketing term “craft ale” came into my sphere. It’s entirely meaningless, of course, but it allowed brewers to start sneaking kegged ale into pubs again, and there was beard-stroking uproar. Keg beer has long been the enemy of real ale and, at the time quite rightly, was one of the reasons CAMRA (the Campaign for Real Ale) began.

If 2006 Katie had been faced with the sole choice of keg beer or nothing, nothing would definitely have won. I’d have decided that the keg would be terrible, not even worth trying and I could have missed out on something rather delicious. Fast-forward to 2021 and, while I’d still choose (good!) gravity delivered real ale over keg, there are some good keg beers out there. By giving my brain the freedom to accept that it might be alright, I’ve come to see that keg beer isn’t all bad, even if it isn’t quite my favourite.

That’s plenty of digression.

Notice when you’re stopping yourself from experiencing things as they truly are; you might find you have a happier time.

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