Several autumn races have been cancelled this week, including the usually popular Abingdon Marathon and the rescheduled Wokingham Half Marathon.

While some runners seem to be champing at the bit to get back to ‘proper’ racing, others are far more hesitant. I know plenty of people who are enjoying running at the moment, without the pressure or stress of a calendar-dependent goal. Equally, the thought of running in large groups of people is just too much some athletes. I can name runners who can hardly get out for a training run without the promise of some ‘bling’ (a medal) at the end of it!

For others, running is a way to get, keep or stay fit and active: training plans are non-existent and these athletes run as they feel. Some run to get some alone time; a chance for splendid isolation and personal goals. Weight-loss, physical and mental health gains, fresh air after a day at work… The list of reasons ‘why’ is as varied as the ‘types’ of people who run.

Whatever your motivation and whatever gets you out the door, remember that focus.

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