Katie Gumbrell

Knowing how to recognise what’s happening to us is very different from doing something about it. I’m not a counsellor or a therapist, just an interventionist: I believe that everyone can change and anyone can feel better.

I love working with people, helping them to develop their talents, by challenging them to try something different and supporting them when it all feels out of reach. The saying, “If you always put the same thing in, you’ll always get the same thing out,” doesn’t apply exclusively to fitness!

I’m a born-again-fitness type, but you won’t find me evangelising about the latest fad diet, trade-marked exercise regime or new bit of kit. I’m all about keeping well for life and trying to find a good balance for body, mind and soul.

Katie Gumbrell

MA (Education; Southampton)
PGCE (with QTS; Reading)
BSc (Hons; Liverpool)

UK Athletics Coach in Running Fitness (licence number 2835827)
AIQ Level 3: Diploma in Personal Training; Outdoor Fitness
AIQ Level 2: Gym Instructor; Circuit Training; Suspension Training
CIMSPA membership number 374606

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