April 2021

Welcome to this month’s Brolly Good Ideas newsletter.

Looking forward and forward-looking

I know lots of you are already enjoying being able to do more as restrictions ease. The Tilehurst Runs Together training sessions have recommenced outside and it’s a joy to have groups of people back together again, as safely as possible.

For some, the last year has been a welcome change from busy streets and venues and the thought of ‘getting back to normal’ might feel quite overwhelming.

However you’re feeling, make sure that you’re honest about it and remember that taking care of yourself doesn’t have to be to the detriment of others. Ask for what you want: negotiating with friends and family from that position will bring true compromise, not what no one wants.


A recent discovery is that the Royal Institution (home of the famous ‘Christmas Lectures’) are holding a range of public lectures online. I managed to catch Overloaded: how your brain chemicals influence your life last week and it was fascinating. They’re uploading the lectures onto You Tube: thoroughly recommended for all science nerds!

I’m currently learning to love gardening. As an incredibly impatient person, the waiting is proving quite a challenge. Having said that, I’m starting to see some of my ‘hard work’ paying off, and I’m currently keeping a range of sweet peas, sunflowers and marigolds alive.

Being physically active

Although running is My Thing, I understand that it might not be yours. Maybe you ran once, maybe the last 12 months has undone years of good habits and you want to regain your wellness; when you’re ready, so am I!

I can come to you: personal training is allowed in private gardens, so I can train your household at home (you can even share equipment!). If the focus is on running, I can train anyone age 12 and upwards.

We can meet elsewhere: I have agreements in place with local councils so that we can train somewhere different. I’m happy to travel (within reason), so if you want to meet away from the hustle and bustle, let me know.

Timings are flexible: we can arrange your training around you. Perhaps you need to break up your day while you’re working from home or need to get your session done before the children get up… Get in touch!

And finally…

There’s lots of research about how forest-bathing and nature can improve our mood, but sometimes I can find similar joy in the man-made.

This wall is in Reading town centre and it struck me as really beautiful.

As the mighty Madonna once sang, “Beauty’s where you find it.”