Thinking about you

You are doing so much. You’re holding down your job, working in the ‘wrong’ place and unable to share the day-to-day banality of office life; you’re ‘teaching’ your children, knowing that you can’t give them the attention they need to learn this new concept and wishing that you’d be comfortable with school or nursery beingContinue reading “Thinking about you”

Glib wellbeing

“TELL EVERYONE HOW YOU’RE FEELING USING AN EMOJI!” OR If you’re feeling overwhelmed right now, here are some excellent sources of support and advice; if you’re still not sure, please speak with your GP: No, “We’re in a pandemic dontcha know?” check-ins here: your wellbeing is as important now as it was 12-months ago, asContinue reading “Glib wellbeing”

How high is your moral high-ground?

I listened to a really excellent Ted Talk yesterday, “It’s OK to feel overwhelmed. Here’s what to do next” with Elizabeth Gilbert. It wasn’t an easy listen and was pretty uncomfortable at times. Then I saw an interesting post from a friend who does an enormous amount of volunteering for homeless people locally. The postContinue reading “How high is your moral high-ground?”

When they’re ready…

Earlier on this spring, I planted some lavender seeds. I cared for the seeds, photographed the pot every day to chart the journey from seed to blossoming bee-trap. The seeds didn’t grow. My infamously un-green fingers (sorry Nan) have let me down again… At this point, I usually give up, but not this time; allContinue reading “When they’re ready…”