Olympic counting

The Olympic Games 2020 have started! Did you know that if you ran all of the ‘pure’ running finals in the Olympics, you’d cover just over 60kms (37 miles)*? It would be a spectacular feat of athleticism because, as well as being selected by your country, you’d also have to get through the heats for…

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Not what you thought?

Has anyone ever really surprised you? Not in a ‘their Insta-life looks so perfect’ way, but in a genuinely, ‘can’t believe that’s them’ way? Someone I know a little has made a terrible decision, which has had significant legal, personal and professional ramifications. I hold them in high esteem, professionally and personally and feel devastated…

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All change!

Three times this week I have been looked at straight in the eye and asked, “Are you sure?!” and three times the answer has been, “Absolutely.” I am delighted to be heading back to the classroom in September. Teaching is what I do and I have really missed it. I didn’t leave because I didn’t…

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