The Long, Slow Run

If you’re training for an event or trying to build up your stamina to run further, the LSR will become an important part of your training. The other work you do should build your strength and speed, but if you want to go further or run for longer, you need to incorporate long, slow running…

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Dressing for the conditions

After the longest, hottest summer on record (or so it felt), the weather’s definitely turned. If you’re going to be out in all weathers (waves!), you’ll need to layer up so that you don’t get cold between efforts or on your longer runs. Start with a base layer (long-sleeved when it’s really cold), preferably in…

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The benefits of running

Various organisations and experts suggest that there are five key ways to wellbeing and I’m pretty sure that running offers access to all of them. What do you think? 1. Connect Many of us having running buddies; they’re the people who know us better than our own families. We talk with them about everything, especially…

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