Is it working for you?

Yesterday, I had the great privilege of leading an outrun with Tilehurst Runs Together.  We ran 7 miles around our little town (or is it a big village?!) and I had lots of conversations with different runners. Although the subject matter was very different from the sessions I ran in Southampton on Friday, the essence…

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Take some time

Fresh from the Southampton Education School Health and Wellbeing Conference, I’m ready for a rest. It was a fantastic day with some switched-on and enthusiastic trainees. Experienced teachers need to model saying ‘No’ and taking control of workload and unreasonable demands, or we will lose these excellent people. Take a break; sleep well; be ready…

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Fast as you can?

Tomorrow, I’ll be taking part in the Marlow Half Marathon. It’s a notoriously challenging road half marathon, taking in some serious ascents and descents on the roads around the north of the town. It’s also one of my favourite races: plenty of hills, beautiful autumnal vistas and a reasonable price-tag. My target is to get…

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