On the importance of rest

Resting is when your body adapts, recovers and rebuilds to make it stronger. This will only happen if you stress your body in accordance with the adaptation you want to happen (e.g. if you want to get faster, you need to practice running faster) and you let your body make those tweaks.

That’s why a long-run schedule takes backwards steps sometimes. It can be tempting to keep going up, especially after a good run, but don’t stress your body too much, or you’ll end up over-training and sick or injured. Take care!

This article from BrianMac Sports Coach explains this beautifully.

Can I compare thee…?

Running’s weird: races are all about who comes first, but so few people can realistically train for that level of success, why do the rest of us even bother?!

I don’t mean for that to sound negative, but to serve as a reminder that our reasons are different: some people want to get faster; some want to run further; others just want to get away from it all.

Whatever our reasons for running, comparing ourselves with someone who’s training for something different is going to be entirely counter-productive: start from where you are and where you want to get will hove into view!

Get some help to reach your goals

I started running in 2007 because someone told me I’d never be able to do Reading Half Marathon.

Nearly 30 half-marathons later (including one pushing my sister in her wheelchair), it’s fair to say that person was wrong.

Having volunteered at my running club for some time, I qualified as a Coach in Running Fitness and started Tilehurst Runs Together three years ago.

In that time, TRT has evolved from a group of wannabe runners, into an excellent community of dedicated and hard-working athletes. I am exceptionally proud of them and their achievements.

I will encourage and coach those taking their first tentative steps; support and challenge the more experienced athletes; help you achieve what you had thought was impossible, just as I did.

As a specialist coach, as well as a gym instructor and (soon-to-be!) PT, I can help you to run well, avoiding injury and working to your strengths. I can set you a specific training programme to get you to your goal, including strength training, timed runs and challenges to keep you motivated. I can analyse your running form and movement patterns to help identify risks and prevent injuries. I can teach you how to use your foam roller to maintain suppleness and mobility. I can give you a stretch routine which will bring your muscles back to life after a hard session. And if you really want, I can nag you and nag you and nag you…

I have coached people to their first 5k, 10k, half marathon and beyond. I have helped people achieve personal best times which they had thought unattainable. I have supported people through returns from injury and illness.

If you’ve got a running goal for 2020, why not get in touch?

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Bogged down in the details

Losing sight of the bigger picture is really easy, as we micromanage our lives, trying to get the best out of every moment.

I’m trying really hard to leave free time in my diary – saying no to appointments and social gatherings and giving me some time to rest.

The small picture? Lots of different groups of people to see, look after and keep up with.

The big picture? Only one me to do that, and I deserve to look after myself, sometimes.