What does your warm-up look like?

I probably ask this question more than any other… It’s not my favourite question, but the response can be quite telling. Anyone who has ever worked with a running coach or fitness instructor will be familiar with the structure of the session: warm-up; main activity; cool-down; stretching. The duration of each section will vary depending…

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When I did my teacher training I was taught to reflect on everything I did in the classroom. From the layout of the furniture, to the colours used in displays, to the questions I asked. While it undoubtedly helped me to become a better teacher, it also left me feeling that whatever I did wasn’t…

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The record-breaking winter of 1947 saw 55-days of consecutive snow in the UK and blizzard conditions to the south of England; a rare and disruptive occurrence. In amongst it all, my mother was born and, if we get any snow here in Reading, it’s on or around her birthday at the start of February. This…

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