Making it a routine

People sometimes ask me how I manage to get my training and fitness activities wedged into my week.

Routine is key!

Although I’m trying to up my running training (as opposed to just staying fit) at the moment, getting that training into my routine is absolutely the secret for me.

I know that I will be at work in school and coaching on a Tuesday and a Wednesday, so they are my natural rest-days. Then it’s a case of working out which days suit me, what types of training I need to do, what type of training I can motivate myself to do and just getting it in my diary. Training then becomes part of my week and a habit.

Why not look at your routine and see what new habits you can make.

What do you do?

When life’s a bit much and things are getting you down, what do you do?

I try to avoid getting that far, thinking carefully about what’s coming in the following week and making sure I have made time for the rest I’ll need and bought provisions for appropriate snacking.

Sometimes though, I have to react to situations.

Recognising that I need a drink of water, a snack or a nap is the tricky bit, but they always, always make me feel better.

What do you do?

Listening to the answer

As a coach and mentor, I pride myself on listening carefully to my clients, students and athletes. It allows me to ask them the right question at the right time, to help them to find their own way.

These questions are often difficult to hear, as they make the listener use their own voice as an advisor.

Yesterday, someone asked me a difficult question.

I’m still listening.

Is it working for you?

Yesterday, I had the great privilege of leading an outrun with Tilehurst Runs Together.  We ran 7 miles around our little town (or is it a big village?!) and I had lots of conversations with different runners. Although the subject matter was very different from the sessions I ran in Southampton on Friday, the essence was the same: if  something feels wrong, and you can do something about it, don’t delay!

If you feel you can’t do something about it, get in touch. A good coach, asking the right questions for you, might just help you unstick yourself.