Bogged down in the details

Losing sight of the bigger picture is really easy, as we micromanage our lives, trying to get the best out of every moment.

I’m trying really hard to leave free time in my diary – saying no to appointments and social gatherings and giving me some time to rest.

The small picture? Lots of different groups of people to see, look after and keep up with.

The big picture? Only one me to do that, and I deserve to look after myself, sometimes.

Just do it

I’m a great procrastinator and so a phenomenal planner. I have to be, or a new shiny thing will distract me.

Today, I thought that other people/things were going to get in the way of training, that I’d find other things to do.

Then I remembered what I say to myself when I’m making self-excuses: just do it.

And I’m glad I did – it’s glorious out there!

(I’m not into product endorsements, but I do love my Nike racer leggings!)

Consequences everywhere…

“My diet starts tomorrow and I’ve just seen an advert for a cheeseburger!”

A friend posted this as their Facebook status earlier this week. I couldn’t help but feel that they were just writing down their seemingly endless predicament: misery in being unfit and overweight; joy in over-eating.

Everything has a consequence: every action; every inaction. Sometimes we can control and predict these consequences, sometimes we can’t.

If you can, please do.

What’s my role in this?

This is one of the hardest and most excellent questions I know.

When things aren’t quite going to plan, or I’m feeling frustrated, this one usually sorts me out.

It helps me to recognise what I can and could do to resolve things. Sometimes, I’m helpless and have to get on/put up with whatever it is, but asking this question doesn’t half make that easier to realise!