Listening to the answer

As a coach and mentor, I pride myself on listening carefully to my clients, students and athletes. It allows me to ask them the right question at the right time, to help them to find their own way.

These questions are often difficult to hear, as they make the listener use their own voice as an advisor.

Yesterday, someone asked me a difficult question.

I’m still listening.

Is it working for you?

Yesterday, I had the great privilege of leading an outrun with Tilehurst Runs Together.  We ran 7 miles around our little town (or is it a big village?!) and I had lots of conversations with different runners. Although the subject matter was very different from the sessions I ran in Southampton on Friday, the essence was the same: if  something feels wrong, and you can do something about it, don’t delay!

If you feel you can’t do something about it, get in touch. A good coach, asking the right questions for you, might just help you unstick yourself.

Take some time

Fresh from the Southampton Education School Health and Wellbeing Conference, I’m ready for a rest.

It was a fantastic day with some switched-on and enthusiastic trainees.

Experienced teachers need to model saying ‘No’ and taking control of workload and unreasonable demands, or we will lose these excellent people.

Take a break; sleep well; be ready for Monday as fresh as you can be.

Time for something completely different

Well, sort of.

I’m heading to the University of Southampton, for their annual Health and Wellbeing conference for teachers and trainee teachers.

I teach all the time, be it runners, children or education professionals, but this just feels a bit different. It will be the first time I’ve presented my own work to fellow teachers and so I’m relying entirely on my own capabilities.

I suppose it’s no different from the Marlow Half Marathon last Sunday: I’ve done the work, now it’s time to show what I can do; I just hope that today’s not quite as painful!

Fast as you can?

Tomorrow, I’ll be taking part in the Marlow Half Marathon. It’s a notoriously challenging road half marathon, taking in some serious ascents and descents on the roads around the north of the town. It’s also one of my favourite races: plenty of hills, beautiful autumnal vistas and a reasonable price-tag.

My target is to get round in the right number of pieces with a smile on my face; a race-aim doesn’t always have to be ‘as fast as you can’!