Do you ‘just run’?

Someone once told me, “Just go out and run.” If your main aim is to enjoy running, that’s a perfectly sensible strategy to take. If your main aim is to stay fit for life, you may want to include some other types of training. Stretching, strength and mobility all play a part in our overallContinue reading “Do you ‘just run’?”

Do it for the mudita

In some ways, I’ve really enjoyed the restrictions placed upon us during the Covid-19 pandemic (which, at the time of writing is absolutely ongoing, in spite of the steady reopening of life here in the UK). I’m extremely fortunate to still be working, in a house which can accommodate two home-workers and even have aContinue reading “Do it for the mudita”

Now for something completely the same

A friend recently asked for words/phrases to describe living through the Covid-19 pandemic. Suggestions ranged from the ubiquitous ‘unprecedented times’, to those directly targeted (unfavourably) at the UK Government, to some which were terribly British: ‘predicament’, ‘uncharted territory’, and the delightfully vague, ‘The Event’ (a reference to this Mitchell and Webb sketch). However you wantContinue reading “Now for something completely the same”

Do your best

Today’s blog is one I’ve been working on for a while. Three distinct thoughts started as three different blogs, then I returned to something I’d read before and it made them one. 1. Expert First of all, a very excellent friend asked me what made someone an expert and whether or not an individual canContinue reading “Do your best”

How stupid are you?

The more I see of violence from the police and those otherwise demonstrating peacefully, the more I’m reminded that stress makes us stupid. Once our stress hormones are high, it’s hard to make reasonable, rational decisions. This is why we need our decision-makers to do the difficult things in quiet, calm and controlled conditions, notContinue reading “How stupid are you?”