You probably think this blog is about you…

One friend told me this week that something I’d written ‘resonated’ with them; another told me I was being ‘a bit judgey’. For me, those statements are different sides of the same coin: on one side, we have ‘yes, I agree with you’; on the other, ‘no, you’re wrong.’ Anything I put online, whether it’sContinue reading “You probably think this blog is about you…”

What do you seek?

When you’re scrolling through Instagram or Facebook or Twitter, what are you looking for? Something which resonates – makes you feel like you’re not alone, builds you up or affirms your beliefs? Or something dissonant – something uncomfortable, argumentative or unsettling? Recently, I’ve been thinking about the opposite (and Bob Dylan – more on himContinue reading “What do you seek?”

Do it for the mudita

In some ways, I’ve really enjoyed the restrictions placed upon us during the Covid-19 pandemic (which, at the time of writing is absolutely ongoing, in spite of the steady reopening of life here in the UK). I’m extremely fortunate to still be working, in a house which can accommodate two home-workers and even have aContinue reading “Do it for the mudita”

Now for something completely the same

A friend recently asked for words/phrases to describe living through the Covid-19 pandemic. Suggestions ranged from the ubiquitous ‘unprecedented times’, to those directly targeted (unfavourably) at the UK Government, to some which were terribly British: ‘predicament’, ‘uncharted territory’, and the delightfully vague, ‘The Event’ (a reference to this Mitchell and Webb sketch). However you wantContinue reading “Now for something completely the same”