If you’re struggling to find a way through your job or responsibilities, maybe a chat about things will help? I’m not a qualified counsellor, but I’m great at asking the right question at the right time, to help you find your way.

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It’s all about balance

You’re a runner – how long can you balance on one foot without wobbling? Can you master the stork test? Have you ever stopped to realise that running is a one-legged activity? Have a go at balancing. Practice, rehearse and let yourself wobble. Your body will protect you, provided you don’t forget to breathe! EveryContinue reading “It’s all about balance”

Can’t run?

When I talk to new runners, or people who think they can’t run, I often find out they made the same mistake I did when I started running: head out the door and just run. Not only does a lack of warm-up leave the body in physical panic, often leaving a racing heart and sicknessContinue reading “Can’t run?”

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