Couch to 5k Support

There are dozens of Couch to 5k apps, which will encourage you to get out and do your runs. I thoroughly recommend the NHS app, which has helped thousands of runners reach their 5k goal.

If you’ve tried that, left the app untouched on your phone for 6 months or just feel a bit intimidated by it, why not have some specialist support from me? I know what it’s like to be a beginner runner and have the experience to help you reach your goals (read more).

I offer different levels of support, depending on your needs:

Weekly run together

As BRONZE + 2 reminder messages to do the other runs during the week

As SILVER + strength/stretch recordings for you to do at home

As GOLD + support via phone/text/email during the week

Interested? Contact me to find out more.

Cold weather running

On your body Start with some barrier cream/gel (like petroleum jelly) on sensitive areas to prevent chaffing and wind-burn. If you’ve never experienced either of these things, lucky you! Then wear a long-sleeved base layer next to your skin, preferably in a wicking-fabric which will take the sweat away. If you feel the cold, the…

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Run Equal and me

This article was originally written in 2019 for the Trail Running Association‘s publication, Trailrunner. I have made some edits and updates. The original title was Picking up the Run Equal baton. It is not my intention to exclude non-cis and non-binary people from this conversation and genuinely welcome discourse with any runners willing to chat.…

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What does it take to run faster?

I recently asked some running folk to think about what they needed to shed in order to be a better runner. As well as responding to the image I used (a shed snake skin; a relatively unusual winter find here in the mid-south of England!), someone commented: “That the pace I ran (after running for…

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