Couch to 5k Support

There are dozens of Couch to 5k apps, which will encourage you to get out and do your runs. I thoroughly recommend the NHS app, which has helped thousands of runners reach their 5k goal.

If you’ve tried that, left the app untouched on your phone for 6 months or just feel a bit intimidated by it, why not have some specialist support from me? I know what it’s like to be a beginner runner and have the experience to help you reach your goals (read more).

I offer different levels of support, depending on your needs:

Weekly run together

As BRONZE + 2 reminder messages to do the other runs during the week

As SILVER + strength/stretch recordings for you to do at home

As GOLD + support via phone/text/email during the week

Interested? Contact me to find out more.

Are you a runner?

It’s not unusual for those just embarking on running as a hobby or get-fit regime to describe themselves as ‘not-a-proper-runner’ or ‘a jogger, not a runner’. Anyone who runs is a runner, regardless of how fast or how far they go, the size of their trainer collection (you can never have too many though, right?!),…

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Running Heroes

Distance running is a strange sport: at the sharp end, the elites race each other to see who’s the best; the rest of us are left racing ourselves and chasing PBs. I often joke about it, but the variables involved in running training are countless and all have an effect on how our bodies react…

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What does your warm-up look like?

I probably ask this question more than any other… It’s not my favourite question, but the response can be quite telling. Anyone who has ever worked with a running coach or fitness instructor will be familiar with the structure of the session: warm-up; main activity; cool-down; stretching. The duration of each section will vary depending…

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