No one goes into teaching thinking it will be easy, but sometimes the pressures pile up and it can seem like an insurmountable challenge. No one trained to teach in a pandemic, either!

With well over a decade of primary classroom experience, I understand the pressures facing schools. I’ve been through Ofsted inspections more times than I care to remember (once on day 2 of a new job) and have been described by HMI as ‘relentlessly optimistic’. I’ve taught children from Years 1 to 6 and led subjects and teams at a wide range of schools, including a Pupil Referral Unit/Alternative Provider. Although I’ve been out of the classroom to do something a bit different, I didn’t leave because I hated it and I’m actively looking for the right post in the right school.

Currently I am available to support schools, staff groups and even individual teachers to enjoy school life again. With experience as a school governor, I have seen the whole process of school management and fully understand the need to play to everyone’s strengths, especially those of the wider community.

I am available to support teachers and schools to feel better about what they do, as well as ask those BDQs to support moving on.

Please contact me if you think I can help you.


When I did my teacher training I was taught to reflect on everything I did in the classroom. From the layout of the furniture, to the colours used in displays, to the questions I asked. While it undoubtedly helped me to become a better teacher, it also left me feeling that whatever I did wasn’t…

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Take a look at yourself and make a change…

Changing behaviour, especially if it’s become habitual, can be hard. There’s loads of research about how people change their habits and the stages we go through to make changes. I really like the behaviour change model which has been used here, by the Royal College of Nursing. Although they’re talking about change for health, it…

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Banana skins

“Start as you mean to go on”… This is a great expression, but can be a little frustrating. As an excellent procrastinator, I can find this a terrifying prospect because starting is often the hardest part! It’s also so much easier said than done, especially when circumstances throw banana skins in our paths (2020 anyone?!).…

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