With well over a decade of primary classroom experience, I understand the pressures facing teachers. I’ve been through Ofsted inspections more times than I care to remember and was once described by HMI as ‘relentlessly optimistic’!

I have an MA in Education from Southampton, specialising in Relationships and Sex Education and am an Associate Consultant for the Jan Lever Group.

My classroom teaching has included work in a Pupil Referral Unit and I have middle- and senior-leadership experience, including supporting trainee and newly-qualified teachers.

Please contact me if you think I can help your school.

Time to make a change…

10 weeks left of 2020. What will you do with those 10 weeks? Changing behaviour, especially if it’s become habitual, can be hard. There’s loads of research about how people change their habits and the stages we go through to make changes. I really like the behaviour change model which has been used here, by…

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