Experienced Runners

You’ve been running for years; your app tells you that you’re running well and you’re still hitting your mileage targets. But there are annoying little injuries and familiar daemons trying to undo all of your good work: that one segment you can’t crack; one distance you haven’t quite nailed…

I can offer you:
– technique analysis and ‘fixes’ to improve your efficiency
– strength exercises to help avoid injury
– training plans to offer you a strategy to overcome your barriers
– support, guidance and just the right amount of challenge.

Interested? Contact me to find out more.

Running in the hot hot heat

It’s hot and, if you’re training for a particular event, there might not be much you can do to avoid running in the heat. If you do ‘need’ to run*, there are some things you can do to help keep you safe:– avoid the hottest parts of the day (11am-3pm)– make sure you’re hydrated the…

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How do you decide?

It’s race-day. You’ve had a knot in your calf for a fortnight but wake up and it only hurts a little bit. Do you run? You’ve been full of cold and a little flu’y for a week but wake up feeling fine. Do you run? You’ve woken up with stomach cramps. Do you run? What…

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Love your feet!

We’ve been talking about painful feet in training this week. As runners, we spend a lot of time on them, but how well do we care for them? I have a friend who sees a chiropodist regularly (pandemics notwithstanding) and she swears by the foot massage for running. For some of us (i.e. me!), the…

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