Fitness Fling

Try different types of online fitness class with Joanna and Katie while raising money for Sport in Mind, an excellent mental health charity based in Reading. Their aim is to improve the lives of people experiencing mental health problems through sport and physical activity.

Join in as many classes as you like, all from the comfort of your own home. It’s a live, online event, and we’d love to have as many people as possible join in with us on the day. Donations welcome!

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Terms and Conditions

9amBlast (high-intensity interval training, HIIT)
9.30amOld-school aerobics
10amUpper body mobility and strength
10.30amBallet Stretch (bring a chair for the barre)
11amLower body strength and tone
11.30amLIIT (low-intensity interval training)
12pmDirty Dozen (hips, glutes and abs; all on the floor)
12.30pmFusion (Yoga/Pilates) and cool down

It’s all about balance

You’re a runner – how long can you balance on one foot without wobbling? Can you master the stork test? Have you ever stopped to realise that running is a one-legged activity? Have a go at balancing. Practice, rehearse and let yourself wobble. Your body will protect you, provided you don’t forget to breathe! EveryContinue reading “It’s all about balance”

Do your best

Today’s blog is one I’ve been working on for a while. Three distinct thoughts started as three different blogs, then I returned to something I’d read before and it made them one. 1. Expert First of all, a very excellent friend asked me what made someone an expert and whether or not an individual canContinue reading “Do your best”

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