Whole-you Fitness

You’re here because you want things to be better for you. You do some fitness ‘stuff’ (or maybe you did) or you want to learn how. You know that you want to feel fitter, you know what you need to do to get fitter, but there’s still something getting in the way.

Your private consultation will help you to assess your strengths and targets. We will work together to identify your barriers and find strategies to help you to achieve your goals. It’s not just about having a healthy body, but about knowing what that means for you. Together, we will create a personalised plan to help you to stay in control of your fitness.

What People Say

Coach Katie has been supportive, motivating and encouraging.

Tilehurst Runs Together athlete

[Katie] brought me the confidence I really lacked

1:1 athlete

My experience has been really positive; I now believe I can run!

Tilehurst Runs Together athlete