July 2021

Welcome to this month’s Brolly Good Ideas newsletter.


Welcome to the newsletter for July.

This month you’ll find:
– What’s been happening
– What’s been interesting
– What’s planned

I hope you’re thriving!

What’s been happening

Tilehurst Runs Together sessions had to take a small break from the usual running/jumping around in June because it was so hot. Even our first Reading Half Marathon preparation outrun, which had finished by 8.30am, was a scorcher!

I’ve got some top-tips for training when the weather’s warm; mostly, take care!

Fabulous running in unnecessary heat

This rather interesting bit of ‘burnt-out plane’ was spotted in a field at Mapledurham recently. Later on, gun-fire could be heard across the Thames from Purley.

Although Messrs Spielberg and Hanks are rumoured to be involved, they weren’t spotted.

What’s been interesting

parkrun will be back soon! It’s been fascinating to be on the outside of the ‘discussions’ around the return of these events. On one hand, parkrun’s been a wonderful boon for physical activity and is a great way for people to participate in organised fitness events without the cost of classes, gym memberships and coaches (!). On the other hand, the message coming from parkrun HQ suggests that we’ve all been unable to run 5k in a park while the events have been on a hiatus. Knowing that many of you are runners and have been running well over the past 15 months, what’s your take?

As I previewed last month, I attended the University of Newcastle’s Psychological Insights into Coaching Practice conference.

It was an absolutely fascinating day, with input from psychologists who work with elite sports people, researchers and students from all over the world. I’ve not stopped thinking about it since! It certainly has direct implications for my coaching and there’s some serious reading to do.

Perfectionism is on the rise and it’s a myth that it can be a healthy character trait. The English education system tests children 5 (FIVE!) times before they’re at secondary school: is this part of the problem?

I’ve always been a bit obsessed with the weather, so having to pay so much attention to it brings me an unreasonable sense of joy. What’s your favourite weather app? Have you seen this website which tracks lightning around the world? AMAZING!

What’s planned

Any of you who know me well will know that I love food and have a special place in my heart (stomach) for cheese. I’m overjoyed to be going to Wilde Cheese in Tottenham this month, to make my very own. I’m sure there will be a zillion Instagram updates and superlatives galore! I might even save you some*.

I’m sure many of you will be going away over the next couple of months, even if your trips won’t be as far-flung as perhaps you’d like. Keeping this in mind, all of the Tilehurst Runs Together training sessions in July and August are available now on a pay-as-you-go basis. You’ll get a discount if you book more than 5 sessions in one go; perfect if you know which dates you will/won’t be able to make over the summer!

*I’ll try, but I’m not promising!

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