June 2021

Welcome to this month’s Brolly Good Ideas newsletter.


Welcome to a slightly re-vamped newsletter.

This month you’ll find:
– What’s been interesting
– What’s been happening
– What’s planned

Here’s to a Flaming June!

What’s been interesting

The Women in Sport Network has published information about Inspiring Women to be Active During Midlife and Menopause.

They have established the Five Principles for Midlife to support the women who are missing out on the benefits of leading active lifestyles.

Are you menopausal? What helps you to stay active?

On the 32nd anniversary of the brutal end to the Tiananmen Square protests, I was reminded of Louisa Lim’s book, ‘The People’s Republic of Amnesia’. It’s an is an astonishing read on the events of 4th June 1989, the courageous build-up and devastating cover-up. It’s factual and emotional, unsentimental and alarming. I stumbled across the book in Reading Library and thoroughly recommend it.

June is Gypsy, Roma and Traveller history month. This year, the theme is Make Some Space. This really lovely animation explains the origins of of the words Gypsy, Roma and Traveller. Enjoy!

What’s been happening

It’s been a busy month working with schools, as they prepare themselves for the traditional end-of-the-year round of sex education lessons. It’s been especially interesting this time, as Relationships and Health Education are now compulsory in English primary schools (the first update in government guidance since 2000!).

With all of my fitness work being outdoors, I’ve been ‘enjoying’ the Great British Summer from inside my raincoat. I’m coaching several people on a one-to-one basis, working on a variety of goals from couch-to-5k, to mobility and strength, to the beginnings of a plan to run an ultra-marathon! It all keeps me on my toes, that’s for sure…

Tilehurst Runs Together sessions are getting quieter, as they often do during the summer months, so it’s likely that these will be pared back a bit from July. You can keep up with our antics on the Facebook page or find out about our current training sessions here.

What’s planned

On 23rd June, I’m going to be attending an online conference hosted by the University of Newcastle, Psychological Insights into Coaching Practice. I’m really looking forward to hearing speakers who work with elite and professional athletes and looking at how I can use their expertise with my excellent participants (yes, you!).

The end of June might see me return to a running race! The Gibbet Challenge, one of my all-time-favourite events, is scheduled for 27th June. It’s a 10k (ish), taking in the highest point in Berkshire near Combe, Kintbury. It offers spectacular views, but you really have to work for them!

The Tilehurst Runs Together outruns have been scheduled for Reading Half Marathon, which is due to take place on 7th November. It’s the same day as Marlow Half Marathon (another of my absolute-favourite-events!) and, although we won’t recce both routes, the training runs will be suitable for either event. They’re currently bookable for FREE – click on the image to book.

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