March 2021

Welcome to this month’s Brolly Good Ideas newsletter.

Here comes the sun!

What a difference a month makes…! I’ve never really been one for worrying about the dark evenings but something seems to have changed in the last year. I am relieved to have the light back and absolutely thrilled that I can finally start planning for some group training sessions (if you’re interested in group running training, please complete this form). Don’t get me wrong, there’s not much that will stop me from going outdoors, but it’s so good to feel the warmth of the sun and to be able to do some training without a set of body-lights!

I hope you’re well and manage to find some Brolly Good Ideas to keep you fit and healthy this month.

Coaching and mentoring

If you’re feeling a bit stuck with your fitness or another area of life, why not book a friendly coaching session? I offer hour-long chats to help you find your own solutions, starting with where you are now and looking for simple ideas which will help you. There’s no one-size-fits-all for anything, so we’ll work together to find what might work for you.

Drop me a line and we’ll see if we’re right for each other.

Physical fitness

Running – group training

As well as Tilehurst Runs Together, I offer private groups for people who would prefer to train with friends (Covid-19 restrictions permitting). Perhaps you’re all aiming to run your first 5k or building up for Reading Half Marathon in November; whatever your goals, you will find that group training sessions are an affordable way of getting personalised training that’s right for you!

General fitness

Although I’m a specialist Coach in Running Fitness, I can also offer personal training sessions. These can take all kinds of forms, from one-to-one coaxing off the sofa, to lick-you-into-shape HIIT workouts, to bespoke strength training for ultra-marathon-runners. These are also available to couples or small groups if training alone isn’t your thing (the format is dependent on government restrictions, of course).

Pilates – coming soon!

Thank you so much to the army of volunteers who helped me with my taster sessions. I’m hoping to be able to take my practical exam soon and then start my own classical Pilates classes. Those familiar with the format will notice some of the rules and routines sneaking into our existing sessions, especially on Thursday evenings.

And finally…

1st March 2020 – what an excellent memory!

This was preparation for Brighton Marathon and Reading and Bath Half Marathons. Today it looks like the re-re-(re-?)scheduled autumn events might go ahead.

Let’s look forward to more of these events once we’re all ready.

Not all comparisons are to be avoided

The last few weeks have seen some particularly significant anniversaries in my life and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed revelling in them! I don’t believe that all comparisons are thieves of joy… My memories serve as excellent reminders that I’m not who I once was: I have changed, grown and done better. The mistakes of the past…

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When I did my teacher training I was taught to reflect on everything I did in the classroom. From the layout of the furniture, to the colours used in displays, to the questions I asked. While it undoubtedly helped me to become a better teacher, it also left me feeling that whatever I did wasn’t…

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Health, wellness and weighing scales

What does good health mean to you? Is it as simple as the ‘absence of disease’? Does your mental wellness feature? Do you associate your health with a number (glucose, blood pressure, BMI)? For us mere mortals, negotiating the world of ‘health’ is tricky. There’s easily accessible advice on everything, from sleep to water consumption…

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