I am a qualified Level 2 Gym Instructor, with additional qualifications in Circuit Training, Outdoor Fitness and Suspension Systems.

I offer Stretch and Roll sessions for small groups, allowing athletes to learn how to use their foam rollers effectively. I also offer 1:1 personal consultations covering Postural Analysis and Movement Correction: perfect for athletes with recurrent niggles!

Contact me for more details.

Stop nagging…

My Dad’s great: intelligent, funny, kind and thoughtful; reliable, steady and an excellent listener. Dad also takes most of what he reads with a healthy dose of cynicism. He refuses to believe everything at face value and is very careful to find secure sources. When it comes to his health, however, he can be frustratinglyContinue reading “Stop nagging…”


Do you feel a bit stiff in the morning or after a day at your desk? That’s your fascia complaining… Make sure you’re well hydrated and spend a few minutes stretching everything out; the stiffness will vanish and you’ll start to feel better. The trouble is, the fuzzed-up feeling often returns. People often say thatContinue reading “Stretching”

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