October 2020

Welcome to the first Brolly Good Ideas newsletter.


The change of month saw a really dramatic change in the weather. Combining this with the equinox and noticeably darker evenings can leave even the most positive person feeling a little discombobulated.

It’s a bit glib, but do try to find the good everyday: look at the trees for instance, as the colours are absolutely stunning at the moment. If you need more structure, Action for Happiness is running Optimistic October – give it a go.

Mostly though, remember that how you feel isn’t a competition: it doesn’t matter whether “it’s worse for others” or not; you feel how you feel.

If you’re really struggling, please take good care and seek professional advice.


September saw a return to training for many of my runners. Events are beginning again, with strict physical distancing in place and a whole host of other measures to keep participants as safe as possible.

As the days grow darker, please make sure that you’re visible whenever you’re out running – light clothes and hi viz are even more important in these times of distancing!

You may have watched the Elite London Marathon on Sunday 4th. If you think that might the challenge for you in 2021, don’t forget to enter the ballot for places to run next October: https://www.virginmoneylondonmarathon.com/how-to-enter/ballot-entry/

Tilehurst Runs Together

Over the next 6 weeks, we’re working on flexibility and strength; there are very limited spaces available, as we’re maintaining physical distancing as best we can.

And finally

Did you know that I offer individual and small group training as one-offs? Individual training starts at £50 an hour, but becomes much cheaper if there are a few of you who want to train together, just to kickstart training for a particular event or target. If you’ve a friend or two who you’d like to train with, get in touch.

Eating for running

Lots of people ask me about nutrition and what they should or shouldn’t eat for running. I leave specific advice to the professionals, because I am not qualified to give personalised advice. Having said that, I do have a few running-related tips. 1.       Running long distances requires good quality energy to be available to your body.…

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The benefits of running

Various organisations and experts suggest that there are five key ways to wellbeing and I’m pretty sure that running offers access to all of them. What do you think? 1. Connect Many of us having running buddies; they’re the people who know us better than our own families. We talk with them about everything, especially…

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How’s your performance?

This cycle represents a very basic outline of what’s required to improve athletic performance. Without the right training, recovery and nutrition, there’s no hope for any athletic improvement at any level. With those things in place however, everyone can be a performance athlete. Necessarily, we also have to take into account the desire and capacity…

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