Return to Training, April 2021

All group training will be held at Cotswold Recreation Ground+, RG31 6SL (Early Morning Blast will meet here; all other sessions will meet here). Although the legislation is set to allow up to 30 people to train together, England Athletics recommend no more than 12 runners per coach. With no indoor group training available and field space at a premium our numbers will be further limited (see below), so that there’s plenty of room for all of the local fitness providers.

Our sessions

Early Morning Blast, 6.30am (c. 45 minutes), Tuesdays (maximum of 8 participants)

A high-intensity interval workout, guaranteed to get your day started with a BANG! Plenty of options available for all.

Run Strong, 6.30pm and 7.30pm, Tuesdays (max. 8)

Circuit training for runners of all levels; beginners are especially welcome at the 6.30pm session, but options will be made available for everyone.

Run Now, 6.30pm, Thursdays (max. 6 – FULLY BOOKED)

Technique and running training suited to beginners and returners. Maybe you’ve never run before; maybe you’re starting again after a break; maybe you’re coming back from an injury – all welcome. FULLY BOOKED

Run Well, 7.30pm, Thursdays (max. 6 – FULLY BOOKED)

Technique and running training suited to experienced runners. Tweak your technique to run more efficiently; avoid injuries and get quicker. FULLY BOOKED

Costs (30th March-29th April inclusive and subject to restrictions)

Early Morning BlastRun StrongRun Now
Fully booked
Run Well
Fully booked
Pay As You Go (per session)£7£7 £8£8

I have absolutely loved being back with others. There is nothing better than being outside in the fresh air. 

TRT Athlete, July 2020

It’s good to get it done before the school-run.

Early Morning Blast participant, 2020

I definitely am so glad we are back in groups and seeing people and getting great guidance…

TRT Athlete, July 2020

+Tilehurst Parish Council said this (the documentation has been provided):
“As per our previous email, whilst this is not something that the Council would look to encourage, we are not able to prevent anyone from using the space for purposes such as bootcamps or training sessions,  as it is a public recreation ground.
However, if you do use the recreation ground then we will require a copy of your insurance certificate, together with a copy of your risk assessment.”