As Coach Katie, I own and run a successful running group in Tilehurst, (un)imaginatively called Tilehurst Runs Together.

The group was formed in 2017 and has grown into a community of excellent runners, all striving to achieve their best. Each session is home to a range of athletes, including complete beginners, those aiming to smash their personal bests and those training for marathons.

As well as coached groups, I offer 1:1 running coaching, training plans and support a range of athletes with their personalised running goals.

You can see more about Tilehurst Runs Together on our various social media channels or check our booking site here. If you’re still not sure, contact me for more information.


It’s that time of year again, when distance runners feel tired and hungry ALL the time. As you up your training, whether it’s couch-to-5k or up to marathon distance, your body needs time to repair itself. If you’re feeling particularly tired, you might need to go to bed earlier or even have a nap. IContinue reading “Sleep”


Do you feel a bit stiff in the morning or after a day at your desk? That’s your fascia complaining… Make sure you’re well hydrated and spend a few minutes stretching everything out; the stiffness will vanish and you’ll start to feel better. The trouble is, the fuzzed-up feeling often returns. People often say thatContinue reading “Stretching”

Training Triumvirate

This cycle represents the features required to improve athletic performance. We also have to take into account the desire and capacity for improved performance. The choices we make around our training will shape how we train and whether or not we achieve our goals.  Look at your training diary and ask yourself these questions:Do youContinue reading “Training Triumvirate”

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