Running Coaching

I have years of experience as a runner and coach, having taken athletes through Couch-to-5k programmes, PBs at every distance from 5km to full marathon distance and supported those returning from illness and injury.

If you run well on your own but have plateaued, why not book in for a technique tweak? I’ll watch you run and offer some hints and tips to help you out of your rut.
One off 1:1 session £50

Training plans
Have you entered a race or got a time target in mind? A personalised plan will help you to reach your goals without rearranging your life (too much!)
6-week plans from £30

Running packages
If you think you might need some support to reach your target, why not combine a training plan with some 1:1 or small-group sessions?
Running packages from £210 for 6 weeks

Why choose a Coach in Running Fitness rather than a Personal Trainer?

If your aim is to complete a run, then why wouldn’t you see a running specialist? I have coached experienced runners to personal bests, helped gym-bunnies get outdoors and embrace the exhilaration of cross-country running (it’s not like school – promise!), supported absolute beginners to 5k, 10k, half marathons and more.

I should also say that I am a Level 3 qualified Personal Trainer, too!


Unlike a generic personal trainer, I have been taught by and continue to learn from the best coaches at England Athletics. I know how to tailor plans to help you to reach your goals and how to help you to improve your technique to run more efficiently.

I also have various generic fitness qualifications, which bring knowledge of biomechanics and progressive strength development to any running training.

Personal experience

I started running aged 27, having been active but not sporty since school. At first, I thought running wasn’t for me; I ran to my local park (which was about 800m from home) and, completely out of breath and feeling a bit sick, I walked home. Had a coach talked to me about the importance of a warm up, perhaps I’d have persevered that first time? As my running progressed, I got various annoying injuries; an integrated strength programme and good habit-forming from the start could have prevented those ‘walking downstairs backwards’ days.

I’ve never trained to be fast, aiming instead to be the best runner I can be. I’ve completed nearly 30 half marathons, one of which was pushing a wheelchair


As a qualified and experienced teacher and trainer, I know how to get the best out of people. I will work with you and your lifestyle to help you to get where you want to be. Any plans we write will be done together, starting where you are now and moving you towards your goals without setting unreasonable or unrealistic targets along the way. And if targets and goals aren’t your thing, then we’ll leave them out, too.

Your training is about you.

Interested? Contact me to find out more.

Coach Katie has been supportive, motivating and encouraging…

Tilehurst Runs Together athlete

Coach Katie has taught me to listen to my body.

Experienced runner

I’ve gone from being out of puff running for a bus, to running 5k (so far)!

1:1 athlete

What’s working?

How’s your running going? How do you know? Which measures do you use? How far? How fast? How it feels? Whichever measure you use, make sure that it’s useful for you and not just the one your friends use.

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Olympic counting

The Olympic Games 2020 have started! Did you know that if you ran all of the ‘pure’ running finals in the Olympics, you’d cover just over 60kms (37 miles)*? It would be a spectacular feat of athleticism because, as well as being selected by your country, you’d also have to get through the heats for…

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Are you too…?

Are you too old/slow/unfit/overweight to run? No. No you’re not. By allowing ridiculous stereotypes to judge you before you’ve even started, you’re preventing yourself from achieving great things. Before you let your labels put you off, think about them carefully:Are they necessary?Are they all that’s in your way?

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