As Coach Katie, I own and run a successful running group in Tilehurst, (un)imaginatively called Tilehurst Runs Together.

The group was formed in 2017 and has grown into a community of excellent runners, all striving to achieve their best. Each session is home to a range of athletes, including complete beginners, those aiming to smash their personal bests and those training for marathons.

As well as coached groups, I offer 1:1 running coaching, training plans and support a range of athletes with their personalised running goals.

You can see more about Tilehurst Runs Together on our various social media channels. If you’re still not sure, contact me for more information.

Couch to 5k support

Please sign me up for the support group on WhatsApp.

Eating for running

Lots of people ask me about nutrition and what they should or shouldn’t eat for running. I leave specific advice to the professionals, but I do have a few running-related tips. 1.       Running long distances requires good quality energy to be available to your body. This can be acquired by eating a balanced diet which hasContinue reading “Eating for running”

It’s all about balance

You’re a runner – how long can you balance on one foot without wobbling? Can you master the stork test? Have you ever stopped to realise that running is a one-legged activity? Have a go at balancing. Practice, rehearse and let yourself wobble. Your body will protect you, provided you don’t forget to breathe! EveryContinue reading “It’s all about balance”

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