Secret Fit Club – First Edition

Secret Fit Club is about you. There’s no Facebook group, no sweaty selfies and no public challenges.

It’s about developing healthy habits and a sustainable attitude towards looking after your body, not about counting calories, restrictive diets and prescriptive exercise regimes.

What I want from you

Honesty (and an invitation to your Twister-themed 100th birthday party).

What you will get from me

A kick up the bum. You know what you need to do but you’re not doing it. We’ll talk about what’s stopping you, find the things you love and work together to create habits you can stick to for life. I want to know you for another 100 years and I want those years to be full of fun and being able to tie our own shoelaces!

Someone to talk to. Changing habits is hard: I will be available by email and text or we can arrange telephone calls if you’d prefer*. I will shove you in the right direction and help you celebrate your successes.

Small group training sessions (if you want them). They won’t be advertised and only people in the Secret Fit Club will be invited. We’ll train early in the morning and you won’t have to wear Lycra unless you really want to!

Come on Gumbrell, how much?


A private 1:1 consultation to help you find out what you need to do next: no magic wands, no unreasonable targets, just working out what will work for you.

One hour with Katie either on the phone, via video call or socially distanced walk* and you will know what to do next.

This service is completely free of charge.


ESSENTIAL SECRET FIT CLUB, with access to our Back to Fitness group, a training plan to suit your goals and email/text support**.

The small group sessions will run on Friday mornings at 6.30am for 8 weeks from 23rd April (to 11th June, inclusive), probably at Cotswold Recreation Ground, Tilehurst, RG31 6SL (if enough people sign up requesting an alternative venue, we will change!).

This 8-week programme and costs £89.


FIRST EDITION, with personalised 1:1 training sessions available at a discount for the duration of the FIRST EDITION (training mode to suit you*: outdoor fitness, a walk, a video call; any sessions must be booked and taken between 23rd April and 17th June).

Additional sessions will be available at £40 per hour, provided you have signed up to the FIRST EDITION.

Interested? Contact me to find out more.

*Travel may be charged for journeys which take longer than 30-minutes from RG31 6SL; usually, training sessions can be arranged between 7am and 7pm Monday to Friday, with limited availability outside these times.

**24-hour Monday-Friday response