Do you feel a bit stiff in the morning or after a day at your desk? That’s your fascia complaining… Make sure you’re well hydrated and spend a few minutes stretching everything out; the stiffness will vanish and you’ll start to feel better. The trouble is, the fuzzed-up feeling often returns. People often say thatContinue reading “Stretching”

Training Triumvirate

This cycle represents the features required to improve athletic performance. We also have to take into account the desire and capacity for improved performance. The choices we make around our training will shape how we train and whether or not we achieve our goals.  Look at your training diary and ask yourself these questions:Do youContinue reading “Training Triumvirate”

Fitness Fling

Have a fling with exercise! On Saturday 14th March, Katie is teaming up with Joanna to raise money for Sport Relief. We will be hosting a range of short fitness classes between 9am and 1pm, at Caversham Heath Golf Club, Mapledurham, RG4 7UT.​Stay for as long as you like for a minimum donation of £10Continue reading “Fitness Fling”

Is it really that simple?

Someone once told me, “Just go out and run.” If your main aim is to enjoy running, that’s a perfectly sensible strategy to take. If your main aim is to stay fit for life, you may want to include some other types of training. Stretching, strength and mobility all play a part in our overallContinue reading “Is it really that simple?”

Struggling to get started?

This guidance from Public Health England was published today (23rd January 2020), but it’s nothing new. Many people know that they should move more, but it can be hard to get started. This magical ‘moving more‘ doesn’t mean you have to go to Zumba three times a week or train for a marathon. Start withContinue reading “Struggling to get started?”