Tilehurst Runs Together

TRT was formed in 2017 and has grown into a community of excellent runners, all striving to achieve their best. Each session is home to a range of athletes, including complete beginners, those aiming to smash their personal bests and those training for marathons.

It doesn’t matter what your level of experience or your maximum speed: you’re welcome!

As well as group sessions in person and via the VIP group, Coach Katie offers 1:1 running coaching, including bespoke plans, technique assessments and strength training.

You can see more about Tilehurst Runs Together on our various social media channels (links below). If you’re still not sure, contact Katie for more information.

Coach Katie fosters an all inclusive approach and there is no competition with anyone other than yourself.

A wonderful coach who has bags of experience, is an awesome coach and runner but is also human too and understands that we all are!

No one is singled out with all levels welcome from beginners to the seasoned runner – technique has improved no end.

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